Comments on Anders Breivik's Opening Statement

Roughly a week ago, I went to see Milo Rau’s performance piece ‘Breivik’s statement’. It’s a dry reading of Breivik’s opening statement and afterwards a debate. Rau criticizes the notion that journalists have excluded Breivik’s statement from their reporting because they do not want to give a platform to his ideas. It’s necessary to confront these ideas, he says, because they’re very much alive today. It’s necessary to enter into the debate. I couldn’t agree more and would like to add my comments on his statement as well. You can read his (more or less) complete statement here.


  • He believes after the World War II, there’s been a conspiracy of Marxists. Because they were too radical for political parties, they infiltrated the schools systems and cultural institutions in order to spread their ideas. Of course, this is a convenient delusion for him, as he can always dismiss scientific evidence or journalisticdata that contradicts his argumentation.

  • Breivik thinks Norway is being colonized. He compares the ethnic Norwegians to the native-Americans in their struggle against European colonization. He’s convinced that Muslims want to install sharia in Norway. They’re being helped by Saudi Arabia in their goal. Those who claim that they’re secular Muslims are just trying to deceive us.